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Today, clients face unprecedented complexities of business. Along with the continuous development of technology, consumers are hyper-connected, hyper-informed, and getting difficult to be targeted. However, the innovative technology also brings new opportunity for clients’ business that we might not imagine before. Clients can reach consumers through more timings, places, channels, and styles, turning consumers into customers, and even embrace more loyalties. The key to grasp these new opportunities is building a more effective model of engagement.

“Providing integrated and various services to clients” is always Dentsu Taiwan’s core of client service. Therefore, we keep investing to build up many special units and to cultivate experienced professionals. With working in teams, we provide consumer research, communication strategy, creative development, digital solutions, media planning, distributor and consumer events, social fan page management, sports marketing, content marketing, and so on. We build best solutions, with integrated strategic thinking, to obtain the greatest benefits for clients.

Dentsu Taiwan understands that traditional solution is not what today’s clients expect. We, knowing well the trends in the society and market, provide client more dynamic, integrated, and innovative solutions based on consumer and customer insights. Dentsu Taiwan is the best marketing partner for clients to build the relationship with today’s consumers and customers.

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